Trackball 25mm USB output cable P-25-OTB

IPC black optical trackball 25mm with USB PS/2 Output


P-25-OTB features a phenolic ball modul for a smooth and precise cursor control. The PTFE seal ring ensures a IP65 static sealing grade. The unit has been designed to be back
of panel mounted as part of OEM keyboards and consoles with restricted mounting space.
Trackballs require less desk space, since the unit itself remains stationary. And because trackballs require less wrist movement, they’re ideal for people who experience discomfort with traditional mice. PAC trackballs are widely used in the industrial application, and the medical application as well.
Trackball Main Feature:
Splashed waterproof optical black trackball module with optical trackball
Use most stable and high-compatible MCU controller, with smooth operation and rolling
It is possible to clean the inside of the trackball after removing the ring and the ball
Compatible with the popular windows OS, and industrial control OS.
Ball diameter: 25.00mm
Material: high strength phenolic resin (or customs color)
Dimension: 44 x 44mm
Net Weight: 120g
Power supplier: +5V DC ±5%
Working current: <30mA
Axles: 2 axles (X, Y)
Output protocol: USB, PS/2
Resolution: 100dpi (default), or the customs one
Operation temp: -30℃ ~ 65℃
Relative humidity: 30% ~ 95%
Life span: >2000000 cycles


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