black metal touch pad P-83TP-BT

black titanium touchpad pointing device with one left mouse button optional


high quality black titanium touch pad pointing device with one left mouse button only,
or touch pad pointing device with two mouse buttons
 1 key, quality brushed stainless steel
 Key top style
 Protuberant Rectangular Keys,
 Front Plate
 Quality brushed stainless steel, original color or black
 Key Travel
 Touchpad thickness
 1.3 mm PCB thickness inclusive of mylar layer
 Key switch lifespan
 more than 10 Mio actuations
 Touchpad lifespan
 10 Mio times
 Back Metal Cover
 Rear side integrated electronics protected by a metal cover
 Actuation Force
 Mounting Rack
 Aluminum alloy
 Touchpad: 65.0mm x 49.0mm; Front Mounting
Panel: 83.0mm x 110.0mm (front panel)
Rear Mounting Panel: 107.0mm x 134.0mm
 PS2, USB are available, Y type cable with ports of PS2 and USB


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