About Us

SHENZHEN PAC, the undisputed forerunner in antibacterial medical silicone rubber keyboards / mice, which is also the perfect choice for food factory application as our keyboards are water proof, dust proof, dirt proof etc, vandal proof stainless steel keyboards / mice for automation, CNC, marine, industrial application, as well as other related industrial application products such as metal keypads for vending machine, ATM and other self-service devices. Our 2.4Ghz wireless / Bluetooth keyboards / mice are the best option for tablet / MID use and also other wireless applications. Our strength also lies in that we can make the OEM / ODM silicone / plastic tooling / mold by ourselves. With its own factory in the mainland of P.R.CHINA, PAC is highly involved in the research and development process, as well as the manufacturing. With a recognized expertise on the special keyboards / mice for medical, food factory, industrial, marine and military application, PAC is always carrying on the top strict quality policy from its creation, providing the quality and service exceeding worldwide customers’ expectations. PAC provides numerous features for customers to choose from, including cabling options, backlighting, language layout, case material and pointing devices etc.

A company growing from strength to strength, PAC is undeniably one of the global leaders in professional special computer peripherals, silicone rubber keyboards, mice, touchpads, trackballs for medical for industrial and military applications.

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