Extremely small 12.mm trackball pointing device with black color


Main Features:

–          100% splashed water proof design, with washable trackball module, ESD protect

–          use high performance optical sensor

–          use most stable and high-compatible MCU controller

–          resolution can be adjust from 100 dpi to 1000 dpi

–          black color trackball with PCB

–          compatible with the popular windows OS, and industrial control OS.


–          Ball diameter: 12 mm

–          Material: high strength phenolic resin (any color)

–          Net Weight: 80g

–          Power supplier: 5VDC ±5% (by communication interface)

–          Communication interface: USB, PS2

–          Environment parameters:

–          Operation temp:-20℃ ~ 60℃

–          Storage temp: -40℃~ 80℃

–          Relative humidity:30% ~95%


This waterproof water proof and dust proof trackball is mainly use for the medical/dental/food factory/industry/ETC project and other harsh environments etc.


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