washable medical keyboard mouse kit P-M08-MS

Nano sanitized 105 key medical keyboard mouse kit with ruggedized PCB


It is a nano antibacterial IP68 washable medical computer keyboard with integrated mouse pointer and left right click buttons. The keyboard with PCB is ruggedized by silicone rubber and with high raised keys, but it is professional IP68 sealed keyboard with no seam or edges for bacteria to hide in. That can be sanitized with one or a couple swipes of a disinfectant cloth very easily, or simply washed by dynamic direct water to remove the dust, sand, as well as the germs. It means the medical keyboard can prevent the cross-infection effectively and at economic cost, especially during the emergency fight period to against the COVID-19.
  • Keys: 105, including 3 mouse buttons
  • Cable: standard 1.8m  with USB interface, the short USB cable keyboard is available as well
  • USB cover: optional
  • Color: black or white
  • IP rate: IP68 medical / industrial keyboard
  • Antibacterial: nano silver antibacterial during raw material processing and painting
  • Backlit: non-backlit
  • Mouse: by three buttons, pointer, left click, right click
  • Language: US, UK, DE, IT, ES, FR, PT, RU, AR, TH, KR, JP, TW, HB etc.
  • Lifetime: more than 3 billion operation
  • Application: medical, hospital, dental, clinic, industrial, defense


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