touchpad military keyboard with backlight P-M345TP-BL

87 keys stand alone rugged touchpad military keyboard with VESA holes optional

data sheet P-M345TP-BL


  1. IP68 waterproof, dust proof silicone rubber touchpad military keyboards for military, medical, industrial and food factory application
  2. Compact design with 87 keys keyboard
  3. With 5sec to lock/unlocked the whole keyboard for easy clean
  4. With blue backlight, which can be turned on/off
  5. With professional nano silver antibacterial treatment
  6. Easy and soft press without any noice but with accurate input and excellent tactile feeling
  7. With FN keys on the top line of the keyboard
  8. All language layouts are available
  9. Touchpad size: 63 x 41mm
  10. Dimension:  345 x 225 x 10mm
  11. Weight: 1000g
  12. Any keyboard color is available
  13. Supporting all Microsoft and windows etc.
  14. CE, FCC, ROHS


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