real waterproof plastic Win10 keyboard P-449KB

real waterproof antimicrobial plastic keyboard for medical pc system


It is a 100% waterproof & dishwasher safe plastic medical keyboard, which includes antimicrobial product protection. The combination of washable technology & antimicrobial product protection can prevent the cross-infection effectively and with low cost. This plastic washable keyboard support Win 10.


  • A specially designed IP67 medical / industrial ABS keyboard, rigid and rugged, water proof and washable, can be washed by dynamic water
  • With professional antibacterial treatment
  • There is no seam between keys, and the keys are suspension type, allowing no bacteria, germs or dust to hind under or between the keys
  • Full keyboard size and full keyboard function
  • 104 keys, with separate numeric keypad and 12 function keys (F1, F2…F12)
  • Key operation force: <50g
  • With Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock LEDs
  • Full keyboard size and full keyboard function
  • Language: All the languages compatible with Windows without additional cost
  • Communication: USB interface with 1.8m cable length, plug and play, no driver needed
  • Black keyboard
  • Dimension: 449.63 x 143mm
  • Weight: 500g
  • Operating temperature: -30℃ ~+70℃
  • Storage temperature: -40℃ ~ +80 ℃
  • CE FCC ROHS approval


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