mobile vehicle mount keyboard P-M283TP

88 keys vehicle panel mount industrial touchpad keyboard with emergency key


Panel mounted 88 keys backlit optional silicone rubber vehicle keyboard with capacitive tough touchpad for fast and accurate cursor position, by rigid and rugged silicone rubber, with nano silver antibacterial, for industrial application, military application, mobile vehicle mount application.
  • With industrial PCB with carbon-on-gold key switch technology with long stroke 1.50mm with excellent tactile feeling for fast and accurate data input
  • With durable coating and nano silver antibacterial keyboard surface technology mobile vehicle mount keyboard
  • With EMERGENCY key = Shift + F1
  • With 5sec button to lock / unlock the keyboard for easy cleaning without disconnecting the PC
  • USB coiled cable, plug and play
  • Based on Microsoft system
  • Customs logo and customs language is available
  • Applications: for navy, military, other industrial application
  • Front panel dimension: 283mm x 177mm
  • Gross weight: 900g
  • CE, FCC, ROHS certified mobile vehicle mount keyboard


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