50mm trackball keyboard P-380TB-FN

82 Keys IP65 Dynamic Ruggedized Keyboard With 50mm Optical Resin Trackball


  • 82 keys compact format IP65 vandal proof stainless steel industrial¬†keyboard with panel mounting solution
  • with 50.0mm black hard resin trackball module
  • industrial PCB with carbon-on-gold key switch technology with long key stroke with extremely good tactile feeling for fast and accurate data input without noise
  • with seperate function keys F1, F2..F10, F11, F12
  • three mouse buttons designed for right & left clicking and scrolling up and down with ball rolling
  • one complete silicone rubber under the top stainless steel plate for easy mounting & sealing tightly with cabinet
  • stainless steel top plate with threaded bolts for top panel mounting solution
  • PS/2, USB connection, plug and play with PC. no need extra driver
  • front panel¬†size: 380x1445cm
  • the black version keyboard is available
  • ideal for the industrial, marine application